Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This That and the Other

It's been way too long since I've posted, so I won't even try to catch up. I'll just post some random pictures from the past little while and label what they are from, etc. It seems I can't find time to post anymore. When I'm home, I hop on and off the computer throughout the day just long enough to check out what everyone else is doing I guess. But since this is supposed to be a journal for us, I'm feeling guilty and thought I should post something at least to document the past month or so. I also don't want those who read my blog to give up on me.

Anyway, we're all still alive and well. We're going to Utah to see family and hang out next week, and we're all really excited for a break from the regular routine. Now, before I have to leave to return some overdue videos to the library, the pictures......

This is a special picture to me. My Uncle Steve on my dad's side, who I recently reconnected with, emailed me a few pictures of my dad. Here he is around Cooper's age (4th grade). I love having a picture of him. Mark printed it out for me and I set it on a table in our front room where I see it often. He also sent me some snap shots of him back in the 80's. I believe he died in 1998. I wish I had more (and ones closer to the time he passed away)but I'm grateful for these.

Mark is such a good daddy to all of the kids, but is sure enjoying Cole. Cole is more of a daddy's boy so far than Seth ever was, so Mark is happy about that. I think this is a sweet picture.

Grandma and Grandpa Bishop came with us to one of Cooper's pack meetings where he earned two badges towards his Webelos. I think this pic is funny, we're doing the watermelon cub scout cheer where you eat your big piece of watermelon and then spit out the seeds like a machine gun.

Cole is 6 months old now and I can hardly believe it. I love him sooo much. He's at such a fun stage and doing all sorts of big boy things such as eating rice cereal, sweet potatoes and squash. He loves them all, but I think he's partial to the sweet potatoes. The kids are very involved w/ every new thing he does and get so excited.

Seth turned 4 years old 2/28/09. I'm a bad mom and didn't even do a special post for him (I just thought of it to tell you the truth.) He had a good day and two b-day parties. Here he is w/ cousin Samantha at the mall to get his 4 year old pictures taken in his favorite Hawaiian shirt. He potty-trained just in time so I can still say he was three when he was potty trained.

Seth really wanted a pinata for his b-day. Come to find out he didn't want this "Cars" one, but a horse one. In the end, he ended up being very pleased w/ this one.

Aunt Kamber made him this cute sailboat cake. We combined his b-day w/ cousin Spencer's first b-day party. It was a fun time.

Cooper tubing down a hill in McCall when we were there for the ice festival. Love his hair in the pic! It was super cold. The tubing was probably the boys' favorite part.

John going down one of the snow slides. Cooper was a bit crazier and went down head first.

The boys climbed a tall mountain of snow and got all snowy and wet. This was at the beginning of our time there, silly boys!

Ella and Seth looking cute in front of one of the ice sculptures.

Here Cole is learning to sit up in his Bumbo seat. He's enjoing it more than the Johnny jump up, but not as much as his exersaucer seat, which is his favorite.

John has braces and we have a couple thousand less dollars! He had some wild things going on w/ his top teeth, but nothing two years of braces couldn't take care of. Makes him look like the teenager he is.