Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cole Bear

For some reason we call Cole, Cole Bear. We pretty much have since he was a few days old. From Cole Bear has come, Cub, Bear Cub and Cole Bear Bishop. We call him these other nicknames far more than we call him his actual name.

Anyway, Cole Bear is 4 months old now. Sadly, lately we've been so bad at taking pictures of him, or of anyone for that matter. Last night we were doing some things on the computer and decided to take some pictures of him. He's at such a fun age. I love it! He's really so delightful. I love his smiles, he smiles w/ his whole body (if that makes sense). I love how he kicks his legs and moves his arms when he's happy and excited. I love how he squeals, gurgles and talks. I love how he follows you around the room with his eyes. I love his giggles (he's done it a couple of times now). I love how he smells. I love his super soft skin and his bright wide eyes. I love his warmth. I love how strong he is and how he's learned to roll. I love how he brings everything to his mouth. I love how he attacks his bottle when he's really hungry and you get it near his mouth. I love the smell of his baby breath. I love how he wraps his hand around your finger. I love that he has just enough hair now that I can put a little part in it. I love his "outie" belly button. I love how he sucks his fingers.

As you can see, there's not a lot we don't love about this little guy!


Hot Pants said...

He looks so cute! I like how nicknames seem to progress. Howie is a nick name in itself. But for awhile it turned to Howser, then Doogie, like Doogie Howser. We had to get back on track and just stick with Howie. Keep the pictures coming, they change so much in the first year!

ManicMandee said...

He's looking great. Wow, he's growing up so fast!

Areesa said...

I love this stage, when they're learning more about their bodies and can do more with them! He kinda looks like his hair is reddish - is that just some really good lighting or what?

Emily said...

What a cutie!! I've been waiting for a Cole post:). He looks a lot like Ella, I think. Thanks for sharing.

Mindi said...

Four months. That does not seem possible! I can't believe he will be 9 months old the first time I get to see him. I sure hope you are coming the to reunion. It is sad to think that I am a total stranger to Cole, Seth, and probably Ella. Living far away stinks! Anyway...I'm so happy for you that he is a good baby.

Jenalyn said...

Wow! Baby Cole has changed a lot even since Thanksgiving! He is so darling and I bet you are having so much fun! Will you kiss that sweet little face of his for me? Love all of you guys!!! -Jen

Greg & Angel Johnson said...

Hey Delana! Don't know how I found your blog, but woohoo! Your family is adorable, and it was fun to see your new little Cole. Feel free to blog stalk me, if you want :-) Angel

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